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About Us

Providing creative solutions
to our highly-valued clients’ financial needs

Sparks Corporation leads in providing wealth management solutions to a global client base consisting of private investors and their families. We focus on assisting them attain tax reduction and compliance over various international jurisdictions, comprehensive wealth management and investment services, and business consulting. Every particular service we undertake is designed to meet the specific goals and specifications of our wide-ranging client-base.

About Us

Responsiveness is the trademark of Sparks Corporation team’s quality service to its clients’ experience, aside from being transparent, innovative and absolutely being committed to helping them achieve their financial goals. All these attributes serve as pillars that support our clients’ satisfaction and expectations as we work together in building their financial future, their wealth and an enduring productivity. Their financial welfare continues to propel us to give out all our best with enthusiasm in everything we do at Sparks Corporation.

Our business approach

Whenever our clients approach us for assistance, the Sparks Corporation team sits down with them to find ways to identify and evaluate their financial possibilities through a three-pronged approach: namely, in wealth creation, in wealth preservation and in wealth management.

  • Wealth creation

    At this stage, wealth is created through effective investment management, tax-reduction methods and long-term productivity planning. Our objective investment advice takes into account existing conditions, at the same time providing room for adjustments as circumstances shift. We help clients to develop the disciplines of investment management, tax management and personal accounting. Building wealth rarely occurs in a vacuum but in a life of learning and growing toward a specific goal. Without the client knowing where they are and where they are going, wealth may come but will not remain or grow.

  • Wealth preservation

    In recent years, the task of preserving the value of wealth has taken on a level of difficulty and complexity, requiring much effort and time. To make matters worse, changing regulations, tax hikes and the facility of global trading among nations have lessened the effectiveness of preserving wealth. Sparks Corporation’s wealth-preservation methods are globally attuned to exploit solutions that are not accessible by limiting asset holdings to a particular region. Although our approach in preserving wealth for our clients usually tend to be intricate, we assure you that it is because we are supported by our most experienced tax, legal and investment professionals who work together to provide you with an all-encompassing wealth-preserving strategy.

  • Wealth management

    We bring together every investment component that we believe have a positive bearing to the productive management of wealth in the present economic environment. Our clients can benefit from various services which we have integrated into a personalized wealth-enhancing program aimed at delivering a viable approach toward achieving our clients’ goals and expectations.


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